The Julee Illner Memorial Pool is located in the LIFE Community Center facility, 2500 W. Sunset Drive. Our warm water, indoor pool facility offers lap/open swim times, aquatic fitness classes, group and private swimming lessons for all ages, and pool rentals for private parties and events. Check out our instructional classes, or just drop by for a refreshing swim!

Daily Admission

At the pay window, verify residency with a current driver’s license, state ID or utility bill to receive resident rates.

  • Children (Ages 3-5)

    $2.00 (Resident) $1.25
  • Youth (Ages 6-15)

    $3.25 (Resident) $2.75
  • Adult (Ages 16-54)

    $4.50 (Resident) $3.75
  • Senior (Ages 55+)

    $4.00 (Resident) $3.25

Pool Pass Punch Cards

Pool Passes are good for 25 swim sessions (for the price of 18!!!) and must be used within a one (1) year period.

  • Youth

    $60.00(Resident $50)
  • Adult

    $81.00 (Resident $68)
  • Senior

    $72 (Resident $59)

Parent/Child Friday Night Swim

This swim session is for our families to enjoy our heated, indoor pool during a time when no lessons or fitness classes are scheduled. An adult family member (parent, guardian, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc.) must accompany youth to pool area and remain in the pool or on the deck at all times. Siblings must be 21 or older to qualify as an adult family member for this rate.

$5.00 per family (up to 4; each additional person is $1.00)

Group Discount

Discount is not available for special events. A 50¢ discount per person can be applied when ALL of the following conditions apply

  • There must be 10 or more people in the group.
  • The group must swim DURING OPEN SWIM HOURS.
  • Groups must have gender appropriate adult supervision in each locker room.
  • The group must notify and pay the LIFE Community Center ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE of the planned swim date.
Call us at (618) 549-4222 for specific information.
The pool is a busy place shared by many different types of users. There are usually three lanes available for lap swimmers while the remainder of the pool is used for group classes, private lessons, and individual workouts. Lap swimmers may have to share lanes. LIFE Center can provide information concerning class scheduling.

Pool Requirements

Age Requirements

Children ages 5 years and under must be accompanied in the water by an adult 18 years or older. One adult may supervise a maximum of two (2) children this age. Adult must stay within arm’s reach of child. Children not yet toilet trained must wear swim diapers.

Children ages 6 – 9 must be accompanied to the pool and supervised by an individual 16 years of age or older. This person may be in the water or on the deck.

Children ages 10 – 17 do not have to be accompanied by an adult, but must provide verifiable emergency contact information to the front desk prior to entering the facility.

Swimmers under 18 years must pass the Deep Water Swim Test to use the deep end of the pool or the inflatable slide.

Swimwear Requirements

The District’s aquatic facilities are family friendly. The District reserves the right to regulate bathing attire. Swimwear is required for any person entering the water. Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers. Street clothes are not allowed in water facilities. Males must have swim wear with a mesh or nylon liner. Cut-off pants, thongs, and basketball shorts are not allowed. Cover-ups worn in the pool must be of man-made fibers. Swimmers must provide their own swimwear and towel.

Floatation Devices

Floatation devices approved by the United States Coast Guard are allowed.

Pool Closures

Easter: April 20
Memorial Day Weekend: May 25 – 27.