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  • Tatum Heights Park

    Located at Cedarview and Cindy Streets, Tatum Heights Park is a neighborhood park that offers a basketball court, drinking fountain, game tables, hiking/walking, a multiple use field, natural areas, playground equipment, and a softball field.

  • Parrish Park

    Located at 2500 W. Sunset Drive, Parrish Park offers flower beds, hiking/walking, multiple use fields, natural areas, parking and multiple soccer fields. Restrooms are available from Spring until cold weather arrives.

  • Attucks Park

    Located at 400 – 800 North Wall Street, Attucks Park offers playground equipment, BBQ grills, picnicking, parking, walking/hiking, basketball courts, soccer fields, football fields, tennis, and multi-use shelters.  

Park District

P.O. Box 1326,
Carbondale, IL 62903-1326

LIFE Community Center

2500 W. Sunset Dr, Carbondale
(618) 549-4222 or (618) 549-6565

Super Splash Park

P.O. Box 1326
Carbondale, IL
Located at: 625 S. Lewis Lane

Hickory Ridge Golf Center

2727 W. Glenn Rd, Carbondale
(618) 529-4386

Hickory Lodge Administration

1115 W. Sycamore, Carbondale
(618) 529-4147

Park Operations & Maintenance Office

108 N. Williams, Carbondale
(618) 529-4149

Alice Wright Early Childhood Center

2500 W. Sunset Dr, Carbondale
(618) 549-4646

Kids Korner

101 N. Glenview, Carbondale
(618) 457-7356