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Facility Reservations

Carbondale Parks and Facilities

Reservations for Park District facilities are handled at the LIFE Center and must be made at least two weeks prior to desired reservation date. Reservations that are cancelled 14 days prior to the reservation date will receive a full refund. Reservations cancelled 6 – 13 days prior to the reservation date will receive a 50% refund. There is no refund when reservation is cancelled five or fewer days prior to the reservation date.

Additional meeting and banquet facilities are available at the Hickory Ridge Golf Center Clubhouse. Reservations for Hickory Ridge facilities are taken at the Golf Center, 2727 W. Glenn Rd. For information call Hickory Ridge at 529-4386.

Please read, sign, and date the Carbondale Park District Facility Reservation Information document along with your application

Facility Reservation Letter

Carbondale Park District Facility Reservation Application must be submitted before reservations can be secured

Facility Reservation Application

Fees and Charges for Facility Rental

Payment in full is required at the time of the reservation.

Crispus Attucks Park

(N. Wall Street)

Crispus Attucks Park (N. Wall Street)Standard RateResident Rate
Attucks Shelter #1*$70.00/day$35.00/day
Wills/Thornton Pavilion*$140.00/day$70.00/day
Football Fields$20.00/hour$10.00/hour
Basketball Courts$20.00/hour$10.00/hour
Tennis Court$20.00/hour$10.00/hour
Soccer Fields$20.00/hour$10.00/hour

Lenus Turley Park

(W. Main & N. Glenview Dr)

Lenus Turley Park (W. Main & N. Glenview Dr)Standard RateResident Rate

Evergreen Park

(Pleasant Hill Rd)

Evergreen Park (Pleasant Hill Rd)Standard RateResident Rate
Giant Sycamore Shelter*$140.00/day$70.00/day
Pine Tree Shelter*$70.00/day$35.00/day
Black Locust Shelter$50.00/day$25.00/day
Red Oak Shelter$50.00/day$25.00/day
Jaycee Softball Field$20.00/hour$10.00/hour
Field/Game Preparation$50.00/day/field
*Includes Electrical service

Carbondale Super Block

(Doug Lee Park)

Carbondale Super Block (Doug Lee Park)Standard RateResident Rate
Field/Game Preparation$50.00/day/field
Baseball Field #1,
225’ foul lines x 275’ centerfield line
Baseball Field #2, 175’ x 225’$20.00/hour$10.00/hour
Softball Field #3, 175’x225’$20.00/hour$10.00/hour
Baseball Field #4, 225’x 275’$20.00/hour$10.00/hour
Lights $40.00/hour
T-Ball Field #5$20.00/hour$10.00/hour
Soccer Fields #1 – 3, 120’x 180’$20.00/hour$10.00/hour
Soccer Fields #4 – 8, 150’x 240’$20.00/hour$10.00/hour

LIFE Community Center

(Sunset Dr.)

LIFE Community Center (Sunset Dr)Standard RateResident Rate
Activity Room (20’ x 27’)$50.00/hour$25.00/hour
Conference Room (30’ x 60’)$100.00/hour$50.00/hour
Pool Rental$119.00/hour$95.00/hour

Super Splash Park

(Lewis ln.)

Super Splash Park (Lewis Lane)Standard RateResident Rate
Pool Rental (Free Admission for up to 15 people)$188.00/hour$150.00/hour

Park District

P.O. Box 1326,
Carbondale, IL 62903-1326

LIFE Community Center

2500 W. Sunset Dr, Carbondale
(618) 549-4222 or (618) 549-6565

Super Splash Park

P.O. Box 1326
Carbondale, IL
Located at: 625 S. Lewis Lane

Hickory Ridge Golf Center

2727 W. Glenn Rd, Carbondale
(618) 529-4386

Hickory Lodge Administration

1115 W. Sycamore, Carbondale
(618) 529-4147

Park Operations & Maintenance Office

108 N. Williams, Carbondale
(618) 529-4149

Alice Wright Early Childhood Center

2500 W. Sunset Dr, Carbondale
(618) 549-4646

Kids Korner

101 N. Glenview, Carbondale
(618) 457-7356